Here’s what some of Denys’ massage clients have said:

“Denys has an unusual dedication to technique and a unique ability to connect with the soul of the person she interacts with.  Her competence and passion towards her work is rare and valuable.”  ‑ Scott A.

“Denys is unquestionably the most caring, dedicated and talented massage therapist of the 10 to 15 that I have used.”  ‑ John W.

“I have received massage in my home for the past 10 years and I receive them when I travel in the U.S. and abroad.  Unequivocally, I can state Denys gives the best massage I have ever had.  I believe her exceptional talent is due to the diversity of her training, the various modalities she employs along with her keen sense of responding to the individual’s needs.”  ‑ Jim R.

“A massage at Denys’ hands is truly a healing experience!  I consider myself fortunate to be one of her clients, since I always feel renewed and relaxed afterward.  For more than 15 years, she’s been my go-to therapist.  I enjoy sharing my experiences, and sending others to her for what I know will be a great massage.  She’s the best around at honing in on your problem spots and working out the knots – I find it difficult to go elsewhere for a massage.”  ‑ Connie L.

“Denys is phenomenal.  She doesn’t give a cookie-cutter massage.  She has an uncanny knack for knowing just what you need and where you need it. And her strength lets her work out even the most obstinate of tension. I highly recommend her.”  ‑ Ashley C.

“I have been a massage client of Denys’ for a decade.  Put simply, no one comes close to being her equal. She has completely ruined me for any other massage therapist.  Denys brings an eclectic and unique mix of technique to the massage table, but that isn’t really the whole story.  What really sets her apart is the compassion and genuine warmth with which she approaches body work.  When Denys is working on you, she isn’t working down the clock.  Instead she’s bringing all her physical, emotional and spiritual energy to bear on you, and she takes the time she needs.  She’s always fully engaged, and I never feel like she’s just going through the motions or running through a set routine. I cannot speak highly enough about her, and I earnestly recommend her to anyone looking for body work that actually works.”  ‑ Marcel D.

“I have been lucky enough to receive massages from Denys.  I must admit, no one has surpassed her talent; she sets the standard for a fantastic massage.  You will feel peace and tranquility in her presence leaving your massage feeling better than ever.  Denys is professional; yet personal.  She is sweet and lovely and will make you feel comfortable and at ease.”  ‑ Michele C.

“Denys’ massages changed my life. Seriously, I used to get a lot of headaches and lower back pain, due to extreme muscle tension. A massage from Denys provided instant relief and helped to keep the pain away for a few weeks after. I’m grateful to Denys for her healing massages!”  ‑ Lori G.

“Denys is a sensitive, strong masseuse. My massage with her was deep and quite moving.  I was able to meditate as she worked through various knots in my muscles.  I had a sense of integration when we were done.”  ‑ Deb S.

“I have received several massages from Denys and have enjoyed each one tremendously. Denys brings a wealth of knowledge about body work – she is proficient in many different techniques and keeps herself abreast of new modalities, which she obviously loves to share. What I like best about her is her nurturing, Earth mother side, blended with a generous dose of free spirit. She knows how to create a lovely, wonderfully relaxing bubble of peace and well-being.”  ‑ Fabienne B.

Here’s what some of Denys’ yoga students have said:

“I am impressed that Denys constantly upgrades her abilities through continued study and training at Yoga Institutes.  She frequently introduces new elements into her classes that heightened my experience of yoga.  I am blessed to find her as my teacher and would recommend her to anyone seeking to start or maintain a yoga practice regardless of their skill level.”  ‑ Allen B.

“Denys cares about people and her work.  I believe she is an excellent teacher because of this and I am happy to recommend her.”  ‑ Lynn M.

“Denys’ and her classes are truly one of kind. Having always been a pilates girl, Denys opened my eyes to the wonders of yoga and now I can’t get enough. I am constantly learning new things in her classes. Not only does she have an extensive knowledge about the body, but her worldly experiences are truly enlightening and a joy to hear about. It is easy to feel comfortable right away with her warm presence and open heart. Denys really takes the time to get to know her students and works hard to make her classes a pleasant well-rounded experience. And having my own health problems, Denys was nice enough to show me some exercises specifically related to that region of my body. She is a wonderful person and teacher and I would recommend her to anyone.”  ‑ Rocio S.

“Denys is an expert in all kinds of yoga you’ve never heard of and has honed her skills and philosophy on numerous tours through the Himalayas and elsewhere.  She is a delightful being who lives her philosophy and is always a pleasure to spend time with.  You won’t find a more cheerful or knowledgeable instructor.”  ‑ Nathan C.

“Denys brings adventure to her yoga classes.  You will do things in class you never thought you would or could.  She keeps it fresh, spiritual, uplifting and it is always a great workout leaving you feeling refreshed.  I had the great opportunity to work with her for about seven years; she is a ray of light and is such a joy to know.”  ‑ Michele C.

“I have been attending Denys’ yoga classes regularly for at least three years, and I don’t believe we’ve ever had the same class twice. Denys has a burning commitment to learning about yoga and expanding her own practice (as evidenced by her deep-immersion studies overseas), and she generously shares her knowledge with her students of all levels.  Denys’ classes are characterized by her relaxed and welcoming demeanor, as well as her enthusiastic willingness to tailor the moves to the different ability and interest levels of her students.  She is a warm and compassionate human being and applies her knowledge of yoga, anatomy, and meditation to safely encourage her students toward a fulfilling practice at every session.”  ‑ Liza M.

“Denys’ Osho yoga class is absolutely wonderful! I always feel liberated and empowered afterwards, she even had the patience to sit with me individually and help me learn the mantra ‘Om Tryumbikum’. I adore her she is always caring and compassionate during her classes. Thank you for giving me some peace when I was stressed out.”  ‑ Julie B.

“Denys is truly a gifted healer, she is able to transport you to places you don’t want to leave. She combines multiple modalities for a highly effective and wonderful healing and relaxing experience that will be unique to everyone.”  ‑ Kali A.

“Denys introduced me to yoga in 2009. She is my very first yoga teacher and she made me fall in love with it! She is an amazing teacher and will definitely help you explore your full potential. Her extensive experience in yoga and human anatomy & physiology enables her to make every yoga class a customized and unique experience for everyone. Also, her massages are intensive, drawing from a number of different techniques such as Sound Therapy, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and more. She is wonderful and has changed my life for the better!”  ‑ Paula P.

“I truly admire Denys as a teacher and as a person. I consider her to be one of the most dedicated and creative teachers that I know. Her classes are a unique combination of different yoga styles, mantra, meditation, partner yoga and the introduction to Shiatsu self-massage. She is a very special person, both open minded and a gifted inspirer. I learned a lot from her and my life became more colorful because of her. In addition, her CD is an inspiration for my meditation practice. I feel very lucky to know her and to be her student.”  ‑ Tatyana S.

“I have know Denys both as a yoga teacher and have received numerous massages. She also acted as a personal instructor when requested. She is an open soul, she has the ability to reach out to both the beginner and long time student. You soon understand that she is in the process of growing as she leads you. Denys is an amazing soul. This may seem to be too much, believe me it isn’t.”  ‑ Andy S.