While living on the beach in Costa Rica, Denys began experimenting with performing yoga inversions in the ocean.

Waga - Yoga in the water

This lead her to further experimentation of chanting in the water and developing numerous ways to adapt everyday poses into something transformative.  Based on her years of experience with teaching water aerobics, this was a natural process. Denys had an “aha!” moment while swimming in the Caribbean ocean in 2005 as was inspired to create a new practice of combining the two and came up with the word:  WAGA!waga

What is WagaSM? Waga is doing yoga in the water. Waga is like doing yoga at zero gravity. It gives your body the ability to do asanas that you never dreamed possible! Waga makes yoga painless, fun, nurturing and limitless. We began our lives in water and our bodies are 90% water. Water gives you the ability to have greater range and ease of motion while offering both support and resistance. You will be able to do things that seemed impossible on land.

Many spiritual cleanings are done using water. Many religious purification rituals see water as holy and often use water to baptize. Water is also a powerful conductor of energy which can enhance your body’s subtle awareness of its surroundings during the practice.

Water, beach, sun and sand gives all of us to peace … ahh! The sights and sounds of the ocean and rainforest are the ideal location to connect to your divinity within and truly understand asana and honor your limitations with pride. Amaze yourself with the things that you CAN do that you have previously deemed impossible. The warm salt water in the sea is also an excellent healer (both to external wounds and internal pain in joints and muscles). Salt water is a natural anti-inflammatory and it is like being in the womb again when we could just float effortlessly. WagaSM can also be adapted for pools and even bathtubs.

Watch for classes, trainings and videos which will be coming soon. Trademark pending.